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here we have the new zealand accent in it’s natural habitat

eating some ghost chups, bru

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I’m about to leave for an interview for an internship that I really don’t want. Not looking forward to this. 

I am starting to think i'm a lesbian. I have only truly loved one guy and had lustful crushes on others. However, I always shy away from real relationships with men. On the other hand, the thought of actually dating a woman seems unnatural to me (though i have had crushes on girls before). I am turned on by lesbian porn but don't have a ton of desire to sleep with one. I'm sorry to bother you, I just don't have anyone else to ask. How did you know/accept it?


I went though the same sort of situation. Theres no definite way of forcing yourself to come to terms with it (that I know of.) I spent a long while in the same place that you are in, without acting on anything. I dated a couple of boys, and eventually met a girl who really sparked my interest. I accepted that I was gay when I realized that it was something that I wanted, and that I was ready for. For now, I would say not to worry about it. If you really think you’re gay, then eventually something will happen with it. Don’t restrict yourself to only one gender or a label. Pay attention to the people you connect with, and go from there.

Hey, anon. I used to feel almost the exact same way as you. I went through a really hard time coming to terms with my sexual identity (like most people do). I have always identified as bisexual, but there came a time where I had to recognize that all of my relationships with men had been very hollow and left me feeling like I was somehow defective when it came to intimacy in relationships. For a little while I thought maybe I was a lesbian but after dating a few girls, I realized that my bigger issue was with relationships in general, not relationship with men specifically. Like paranoidandroid said, don’t restrict yourself. Maybe you’re a lesbian, maybe you’re bi, maybe you’re something totally different! Just do whatever feels natural and yeah, if you’re a lesbian, eventually you’ll probably know it lol. Try new things, reflect on what you really like and want, and experiment. :)


Sydney Corcoran poses at the finish line one year after she was injured in the Boston Marathon bombing. More Here

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Happy 24th Birthday Emma Watson! (15th April 1990)♥

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The Clarence pilot

I really want Clarence to have the same support from Tumblr that Steven Universe got. There’s something strangely sad about this show and this is the closest I’ve ever seen a cartoon be to the kind of show I would make (I recently had to change a character design because it looked so much like Clarence).

Support itttt!


I was so ready to sleep on this show dude…..

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Harry Potter books - first and last lines

inspiration [x]

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Wallie will do anything for organic lettuce…even yoga.


Wallie will do anything for organic lettuce…even yoga.

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